Fintech, Gaming & Entertainment


We build highly scalable applications serving consumers, merchants and enterprise operators.


Back-office Transaction 

Turnkey and API solutions offering account management, CRM, authentication, transaction management, reporting, customer support, fraud and risk management.


Fintech & Payment

Regulated and compliant solutions offering aggregated open banking and financial services including digital payments processing, prepaid credit cards and loyalty rewards.


Custom Application Development

White label and API solutions for mobile, desktop and web. Offering full software development cycle from partner/user driven requirements to testing and quality assurance.  


Race Poker

Poker, Jacked Up

Mobile social poker game with a twist. Developed in collaboration with Factory Games, Race Poker offers two distinct fast fold type holdem poker games. Your typical cash game where you can swipe to fold and move on to the next hand in lightning speed or the exciting Race Poker tournament where you feel like you’re in a Formula 1 race.

Players Club

Fintech For Gaming & Entertainment

A fintech wallet to be launched in 2022 for licensed merchants and their consumers. The Players Club app enables digital payments processing, loyalty token rewards, and other financial services in compliance with regulatory requirements. Merchants and enterprise operators may integrate with the Players Club API to receive more advanced financial services including real-time reporting and custom branding.


We deliver quality software solutions leveraging our team’s expertise in back-office transaction management, payment processing, blockchain, software encryption and mobile application development. Mo Dot Jo Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sterling Group Ventures, a Nevada corporation.  

Custom enterprise apps for regulated fintech, entertainment & gaming

Our solutions have processed transaction volume of over $30 Billion


Chairman, Managing Director

Responsible for overall technical and strategic management, Nick brings a broad background in technology and business development to his lead role at Mojo. Nick has obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and an MBA degree from the University of British Columbia.

Chief Financial Officer

Chris served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sterling Group Ventures Inc. since July, 2014 until November, 2016 and now serves as the Chief Financial Officer. Chris has obtained a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA degree and is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Independent Non-Executive

Robert is a former lawyer who specialized in securities law for over twenty five years. He has served on the boards of several junior and intermediate companies helping management with corporate development and go public strategy.